When to ask your doctor about needle-exchange programs

NEW YORK — If you’re a nurse practitioner, the FDA’s labeling guidance will make it easier to know whether your medications are safe for people with HIV and other STDs.

If a drug’s label says it’s safe for injection, for example, the label is a good place to start.

The guidance applies to the prescription and over-the-counter versions of the medications.

In general, you should ask your physician if the drug is safe for you to inject, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with HIV or hepatitis C. “We are advising you to ask if you are taking the drug if you have not been diagnosed, and then to ask the physician if they have been instructed to administer it,” the guidance said.

If it’s been told to administer, you can ask if it is safe to inject it.

And you can also ask if the medication you’re using has been prescribed to treat HIV or another STI.

The FDA guidance is intended to be a guide to the FDA and other agencies when it comes to drug labeling.

It does not cover all medications or all products, and some drugs are not labeled at all.

Some companies use different guidelines.

Drug makers are required to provide labels on most drugs, but not on those used by others.

Agency officials have urged the FDA to clarify how to label medications in the wake of the flu pandemic.

It was unclear whether the FDA guidance would apply to drugs not on the FDA-approved list.

Before it was issued, the guidance focused on the medications approved by the FDA.

But after a series of deaths linked to the flu and the coronavirus, the agency changed its guidance to reflect the new facts.

As a result, some people have been asking the FDA for guidance on how to get labels for certain medications that are not on its list of approved drugs.

According to the guidance, if you ask a physician if you’re taking the medicine and they don’t have it labeled, you shouldn’t worry.

Instead, ask the doctor about how the medication is being prescribed, how it is used, and what side effects may occur.

While there are a number of companies that offer products that do not carry labels, the instructions do not apply to them.

There are several companies that sell drugs to the public, such as a pain pill called Ciroc and a cold remedy called MyloX.

Even if you do not need a label to get a prescription for Ciros, you may want to ask about a cold or pain pill if it has been given to a loved one.

You should ask the person or doctor if you can order it from another pharmacy, and ask if there are any additional questions.

For a list of the approved drugs and other items that are labeled, go to: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/Labeling/DrugLabelingGuide.pdf.

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