How to use your GPS to get to your destination

What if your GPS didn’t work?

What if you didn’t have a good signal?

What about when you’re trying to get back to your hotel, or if you’re just not comfortable with a GPS?

Here are some tips to help you navigate the world’s busiest roads and airports.

What if I need to get home?

If you have to get away from home for business or school, here are some helpful tips to make sure you can get home safely:If you’re flying to or from a city or airport, consider using a commercial aircraft.

Use a smart phone app to find out where you’re taking off, landing, and taking off.

You might also be able to take a GPS from your phone to a GPS-enabled device.

If a GPS doesn’t work, ask a flight attendant to check it out and if you have questions, call the airline.

It’s possible to use a smartphone app to map your route, but it’s not recommended for long distance flights because of potential privacy issues.

How do I tell my flight attendant what to do?

Before you take off, ask the flight attendant how to help.

If the flight is part of a group, ask each of you to make a request to the flight attendants.

If you want to ask the Flight Attendant to help, but you don’t have the time to talk to them, call ahead and ask.

After a while, your flight attendant will get a report on what’s going on.

What to expectIf your flight isn’t scheduled to take off until later in the day, ask for the Flight Waiting List to let you know that there’s a delay.

Before boarding, ask what to expect before your flight.

Ask what time your flight will arrive.

If it’s already late, it’s probably not safe for you to fly.

Ask if there are any changes to the schedule or how you’re going to get on or off the plane.

What if there’s an emergency?

Ask what you can do to get help, such as getting on the plane in time, getting your belongings on the flight, or taking an emergency phone call.

If your seat is empty, ask if there is anyone who can help you.

The first thing to do is call your flight home.

Call the nearest airport, airport office, or your local airline to find an employee to help get you home safely.

If there’s no emergency, ask another flight attendant or hotel attendant to get you on the next flight.

If something goes wrong during your trip, ask your flight attendants or hotel staff to contact emergency responders and ask them to help with the evacuation.

What about emergency services?

If you think you may have an emergency, talk to the airport’s emergency management office to find one who can provide assistance.

In some cases, a flight may be able, with appropriate planning and cooperation, to accommodate you and your luggage for up to 24 hours.

If that’s not possible, ask to be moved off the flight.

The next available flight may not be as long.

You can also call the nearest airline’s toll-free number to find a flight that will accommodate you for up in 24 hours or longer.

What happens if I don’t want to fly?

If a flight doesn’t want you on it, don’t fly.

Even if you are on the right flight, if you don�t want to go, ask why.

The airline may tell you it is too crowded or they will have other passengers waiting to take you home.

If a plane is full, it may not take long to get off the ground.

If it’s too crowded, you may need to walk to the gate.

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