Manu ‘not 100% satisfied’ with Milan transfer, says Rossoneri

By Football Italian staff It’s official: Milan striker Manu Lassiter is not 100% happy with his club’s transfer strategy.

It has been reported that the Nerazzurri are prepared to pay €6m for the 23-year-old from Lille, despite the club’s financial situation.

This is the third transfer in the last three weeks which has been linked with Milan and it seems as though the Rossonerio are not happy with the current situation.

“Manu is not happy at all, he wants to leave Milan,” a source told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It’s not fair to him and he has to go.

It’s like a hostage.

He wants to be reunited with his family.

It is like a big mistake.”

It’s been reported recently that the Rossone striker has been offered a contract worth €6.5m per year, although it is unknown whether he has agreed the deal.

Milan president Silvio Berlusconi is believed to be unhappy with the amount paid for Lassititer, with the player’s agent, Luciano Gabbiadini, saying that he was “not happy with €6 million”.

“We have a player with a lot of money.

This money could have been used for a young and talented player like Dani Alves, but the club didn’t get a player like him,” Gabbini told the Corriere dello Sera newspaper.

“The club has been paying a big price for this young player, which was understandable, but Milan needs a bit more.

The fee is not high enough.”

Berlusconji has previously expressed his discontent with Lassittiter’s performance, saying in an interview that he would “be a fool” to pay him.

“He is not a good player, he is not as good as some of the strikers we have here,” Berlusco told the Il Messaggero newspaper in January.

“We will never pay him that amount because he is a professional. If I had €6million to spend on a player, I would buy him.”

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