Kids can still be sent to preschool: Report

The Obama administration’s decision to stop allowing federal funds for child care for some states and to redirect them toward private-sector providers appears to be having an impact on the nation’s children, according to an analysis by a bipartisan group of former senior officials.

The group of 10 former senior federal and state officials released a report Monday that argues that the Obama administration has failed to fully assess the impacts of the changes on families.

It also says the administration’s plans are insufficient to make a meaningful impact.

The report by the nonpartisan group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a Washington-based watchdog group, found that the changes will make it harder for families to secure child care, reduce the number of children who attend day care and delay the growth of the nation as a whole.

The administration’s actions have had “significant and long-lasting effects” on child-care providers and their families, said the report by two former U.S. Justice Department attorneys.

The report found that there were fewer parents seeking childcare, and children were more likely to stay in their parents’ homes.

The president’s actions will hurt more than families, it said.

They will harm children, too.

“The administration is moving forward with significant and long lasting effects on children, parents and families.”

The report also said that the administration has no plan to fully address the impact of the policies it is implementing.

It does not appear that the Trump administration has made any progress in addressing the challenges faced by children and families, according the report.

The White House has said the policies were needed to help the country deal with the crisis of rising child-abuse rates.

The administration says the child-protection reforms will help reduce the abuse of children.

But the White House’s own estimates show that they will have no effect on the rate of child abuse or neglect in the country, and that the policies will result in a drop in the number and severity of child-related homicides.

“While the president has announced the intent to provide a full implementation plan in the coming months, his administration is making no commitments to that goal,” White House spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement.

“The administration has taken action to strengthen protections for children in states across the country,” he added.

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