Why a new bill that requires college guidance to be vaccinated has gotten so much traction

By now, most of you have probably seen the recent bill, H.R. 1034, introduced by Representative Tom Marino, in the House of Representatives.

That bill was designed to protect Americans from the potentially life-threatening spread of the coronavirus. 

But the idea that college guidance could be mandatory for all students is a false one, according to the CDC.

The agency has been very clear in its guidance on this subject, including a letter it issued in August that noted that college students are not required to receive a vaccine before starting their first semester of college. 

“The agency is not recommending that all college students receive a recommended vaccine,” the CDC said in that letter. 

The FDA has also been clear about the importance of vaccines for preventing the spread of coronaviruses.

“The FDA does not recommend that all persons in the United States obtain a vaccine,” it said in a statement last year.

“The recommended vaccines for those persons include pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, which are available for free to all persons who have not received an additional dose of vaccine or who have received a pneumococcus vaccine prior to the age of 18 years.” 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released guidance on the importance and the importance alone of vaccination in October of this year. 

However, the message of the guidance has not gone far enough. 

In fact, in its letter to lawmakers, the FDA stated that the agency was “not prepared to make a recommendation on the mandatory vaccination requirement for college students” without “compelling scientific evidence” to support that statement. 

And the message has been consistent: Colleges and universities should be required to vaccinate their students. 

A federal court has now ruled that this requirement should be a requirement for all Americans, according the Center for Media and Democracy, a consumer advocacy group. 

 In the wake of the court’s decision, the CDC issued a statement saying that it was “proud to continue the fight to ensure the safety of all Americans,” adding that it “continues to work closely with our partners at the Department of Health and Human Services and the states to ensure that college campuses, and all of our students, are vaccinated and remain free from disease.”

The FDA and the FDA-affiliated Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have been trying to get this message across, but it’s going to take a lot of work, and it may take more than one federal judge ruling in favor of this idea. 

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in the case, and its decision is expected to be announced sometime in the next few days. 

If the court rules in favor the CDC’s position, the case could have implications for the future of college education. 

It could lead to a massive influx of mandatory vaccination programs in colleges across the country. 

With this decision, colleges would no longer be free to opt out of mandatory vaccines, and would instead have to be forced to vaccinate all of their students, including those who don’t want to. 

This means that colleges could be forced into vaccinating a large portion of their student body, which is not the healthiest idea in the world. 

There are currently roughly 5.5 million students enrolled in American colleges, according to the CDC, and the vast majority of those students are from the Midwest and the South. 

While the idea of mandatory vaccinations for college will be a tough sell in the courts, it’s still something that we need to keep in mind. 

So if you or anyone you know needs to get a vaccination, you should make sure you get one right away.

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