How to raise kids in a netflix-free world

As parents watch a new Netflix-esque documentary about the challenges faced by the country’s first family, they might think they’re witnessing something for the first time: the world of netflix.

The family patriarch and daughter of a former Netflix CEO are featured, along with several other parents of young children in a short clip that begins with a narration from a woman who is trying to get her kids to stop playing on the internet.

The mother is not alone.

A few days earlier, a report published by the nonprofit group Media Rights Capital found that the Internet was “the single biggest driver of parental decline.”

“We see the internet playing a significant role in our children’s social, emotional and educational development,” Media Rights Chief Executive Matthew Boulger said in a statement.

“The fact that more than 50 percent of parents say they’re concerned about the impact of online media on their children should give us hope that parents can learn how to manage the Internet safely for their kids.”

Netflix, meanwhile, released a statement in response to the report, saying it is “a family-driven company.”

The company also issued a statement to Business Insider stating that its mission is to make entertainment for everyone and that its content will continue to be made for everyone.

It noted that the new documentary, titled Netflix: The First Family, was a product of its “innovative storytelling and storytelling experiences.”

“As the youngest family on earth, we know that kids grow up to play video games, play with toys, and learn from movies and television shows,” Netflix said.

“Netflix has long been dedicated to making entertainment accessible to kids, and we continue to do so.”

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