The best GFS models

The best model guidance is one of the best ways to understand what climate change might mean for the future, say a team of researchers. 

The researchers, led by John E. Sargent, of the University of Victoria in Canada, used computer models to determine that the Arctic sea ice has been melting in a more pronounced way than previously thought. 

Their work was published in the journal Nature Climate Change. 

“We now know that sea ice loss in the Arctic has increased significantly since 2007 and that the current retreat is more pronounced than previously known,” Sargment said in a statement. 

Scientists also know that climate change is changing the Arctic Ocean. 

They can’t predict when the Arctic will be ice-free again, but they can predict when it will be completely devoid of ice.

“We can use the model simulations to predict when sea ice will disappear from the Arctic in the future and we can predict how the Arctic might change in the years ahead,” said lead author Sargents colleague Paul F. Smith. 

This is a developing story.

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