Which toys should parents ask their children to buy to help with the FDA recall guidance?

The FDA’s recall guidance for all consumer products including toys, clothing, electronics and household cleaners will be released in early April and will be designed to help consumers reduce the risks posed by air travel and air pollution.

It comes after a recall was launched in January of a series of toys for children and other products that are believed to be linked to the coronavirus pandemic. 

FDA guidance says toys made by manufacturers like Playtex and Toybuzz can be recalled if the product poses a health risk to children.

The toymakers, which have been selling them in the United States since 2015, also make toys for preschoolers.

The company said it will be taking steps to ensure that the recalled products are no longer available for sale in its U.S. retail stores. 

The toys will be available for purchase in stores and online starting April 1, though some retailers may take up to two weeks to remove them from shelves. 

But the guidance also says the products should be avoided if a child has not previously had contact with the product. 

“As an industry, we recognize the importance of having appropriate safeguards in place to protect our members from the potential risk of exposure to potentially hazardous materials or to other potentially harmful products,” the agency said in a statement. 

According to the statement, it’s important to remember that products can be affected by multiple contaminants including lead, mercury, leaded gasoline, pesticides and other contaminants. 

Some of the products that will be recalled include toys that are made of aluminum, plastic, glass and foam.

Toys made of vinyl and plastic are also being recalled. 

Children and families can reach out to the FDA by calling 1-800-FDA-INFO (1-800/FDA) or visiting their local Food and Drug Administration office, which can provide information about the products. 

In the meantime, parents and caregivers can also find out more about the safety of toys on the FDA’s website. 

More than 2 million children have tested positive for the coronabium virus.

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