What’s the deal with New Jersey’s ‘sick leave’ plan?

NEW JERSEY — In New Jersey, people who have been diagnosed with the flu can get sick leave of absence up to 60 days.

And if they get sick, they can apply for a medical leave of absences up to 10 days.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie is proposing that the state’s sick leave laws be amended to allow for sick leave, similar to the sick leave offered to workers in the private sector.

The state legislature passed a bill last year that allowed for sick time to be used by workers in some circumstances.

“I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made in New Jersey is the notion that we don’t have the flexibility of a full year in which to take sick time,” Christie said during a town hall with constituents on Tuesday.

Christie said that while the state could do better, the state needs to move quickly to fix the problem.

I have talked to a lot of governors in the country, and they have to be very deliberate about the things that they can do to address the sickness issue,” he said.

New Jersey’s sick time law is a “classic” example of the state getting away from the idea of a universal sick leave law, Christie said.

That’s because it allows for sick days to be extended to workers who are diagnosed with a new or chronic illness, like pneumonia or HIV, which the state currently does not cover.

Under the state sick leave plan, a worker could still get sick time in other circumstances, such as when their employer is undergoing a reorganization.

But under Christie’s proposal, the sick time would be extended for any time the employee is sick, such a situation where a company has layoffs or other work-related problems.”

The sick time legislation I introduced is not a solution to a problem that is not going to be solved by a solution that would allow sick leave,” Christie told the audience.

He said that the sick day should be extended so that it can be used in the following circumstances: If the sick person has been discharged from a hospital.

If they have been discharged but have a condition that requires a hospital stay, like a cold or flu.

When a worker needs a hospitalization or medical treatment that they cannot get at home.

For people who need a temporary home away from home or to get a treatment or medication.

A person who is in a car accident, or who has a condition related to a vehicle accident.

In the event of a serious illness or injury, such the death of a loved one.

At any point in time, when a worker is in the hospital.

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