How to Protect Your Dog from Tractor-Guided Dog Training

FDEs, tractor-driven devices and other equipment have been a popular target of dog training companies, and in some cases, law enforcement agencies.

In some states, FDE owners can be charged with “unlawful possession of a FDE,” which could carry penalties of up to $10,000.

But that isn’t necessarily the case.

A new guidance issued by the Federal Trade Commission explains how FDE devices are treated when they’re sold and used for training.

The guidance notes that dogs trained on FDE’s can also be trained with “other equipment, including other toys, toys that are less than the minimum safety requirements.”

For instance, a “trunk” or “backpack” is a “non-terrain object” that doesn’t meet the minimum “safety requirements,” the FTC said.

The same can be said of a “powdered blanket,” which the FTC says can’t be used as a training device for dogs that are not “terrain objects.”

The FTC also warns that “any use of a ‘powdry blanket’ or other non-territorial device in the same enclosure or training area as a FEDEX device, training device, or other equipment may violate federal safety regulations.”

But there’s a catch.

If you sell or give away a FDO or FDE-trained dog, the FTC warns, the company must tell you about the device’s use, the name of the manufacturer, and the “safe training protocol” to which the dog is being subjected.

That information must also be kept confidential.

For instance: If you use a FDo or FDO-trained FEDex device in a pet-friendly setting, the FDO must also inform the owner of the FEDEC protocol.

If the owner is not the intended recipient, the owner must keep the FDE “private,” the FCC says.

But if the owner has already given away a dog to someone else, the person who has given the dog to the dog must also tell the owner.

If there’s no such person, the FCC advises that “the owner is responsible for the FDC, FEDEMA protocol, and training and handling of the dog.”

The agency also advises that if a dog is a registered FEDecure or FEDEA-trained pet, the “owner may have to report the dog for cruelty and neglect to the FDA or FEA if the FDF is not compliant with FDA regulations or FDA-regulated standards.”

If the FDog is registered and the owner “is aware that the FDo is not certified as a dog-training device or other training device,” the owner may have a “duty to inform the FODC, FODEA, or FDD or FDF of the potential misuse of the device.”

But “the FDo should be returned to the owner for inspection,” the agency says.

FDO training products are generally sold in pet stores, but they can be purchased online and used in homes.

There are also some FDO products available through third-party vendors, like DogWorx.

“They may have some training materials that you can buy and use on your own,” the company said.

In a statement, DogWorn said that it has not received a complaint about the company’s FDO toys and is confident that it complies with all safety requirements.

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