Why do young people struggle to get job advice from counsellors?

By Kate Kelly article Posted February 05, 2019 09:04:17 A new report from the Australia Bureau of Statistics shows that young people’s job satisfaction is low and their job search is also limited.

This is in contrast to their parents’ generation, when the job market was very different.

“Young people have lower job satisfaction and less confidence in their job prospects,” says Associate Professor Kate Kelly of Curtin University’s School of Social Work.

She says this could be because they are less likely to have a degree, or less likely have the skills to secure a job.

“There are more young people who don’t have a college degree or who are more uncertain about their future employment prospects,” she says.

This may also explain why many young people are less willing to talk to counsellor services.

For some, this lack of confidence could be related to a number of factors.

One is a lack of communication skills, including the lack of appropriate language and cultural references.

“They’re not sure how to use those skills in their communication and their communication is often very poor,” says Professor Kelly.

She recommends that young Australians learn the skills of communicating well with people and understanding how to respond appropriately to their behaviour.

“It is possible that people don’t communicate well with others because they’re not confident in their ability to do so,” she said.

Another problem for young people is the lack-of-context for the advice they receive.

“We hear things all the time, whether it’s from the parents or their counsellers that they’ve been told that there’s a problem with something, but they haven’t been told why,” she explains.

“For some people it’s just a lot of noise coming from a lot, so they don’t know what’s really going on, and so they can’t get the help they need.”

Young people who lack confidence or who do not feel like they have the ability to communicate are more likely to turn to counselling services.

“What they are seeking from these services are some sort of support to help them manage their own life, to be able to make decisions and to communicate clearly,” says Dr Mary Lou Higginson, Head of the Department of Social Policy at the University of Adelaide.

The National Association of Counsellors and Psychologists says that counselloring services need to develop more effective tools for helping people to develop self-confidence.

“Counselling services need a more structured, well-thought-out, and culturally appropriate approach that allows for a range of different approaches and skills that can be used to address a range or issues,” the association’s chief executive, Dr Sue White, says.

The National Employment Service (NEAS) has launched a new service called The JobBridge which provides advice on employment, including career planning, and employment insurance. “

The more appropriate tools and skills can be developed to support the people who are having difficulties in finding jobs, and help them develop the skills they need to get ahead in life.”

The National Employment Service (NEAS) has launched a new service called The JobBridge which provides advice on employment, including career planning, and employment insurance.

The NEAS website has more information on job opportunities and offers career support services.

The NES also launched a service called Career Opportunities, which offers information on career opportunities and careers.

The service is free for people aged 15 and over.

The Government has committed $100 million to improve the skills and confidence of young people.

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