Parents who watched their kids’ movies should be encouraged to watch the ones they did not learn on TV

A growing number of parents say they did learn some lessons from their children’s movies.

“I would encourage parents to watch movies that they didn’t watch,” said Michelle DeWitt, a preschooler from Texas.

“It’s very important to watch for things that you’ve already heard,” she added.

“But also, watch movies for things you haven’t heard yet.”

Parents say they’re still learning, and that it’s important to take the time to let them know that.

“We’re learning, we’re still not good at it, but we’re doing better,” said a mother in New Jersey who has a 3-year-old daughter who was born with spina bifida.

“She’s been learning all kinds of things, she’s been having a lot of fun, but she’s also had to learn how to do things like put her arms in the air, put her hands together,” she said.

“She’s a little bit of a problem, but hopefully she can be a little more confident.”

The CBS News investigation found that about half of parents who watched movies did not take advantage of the “in-home video library” option that some states have offered, and some parents said they felt their kids were being taught “a lot of things that were just not real” while watching movies on the television.

“Parents should be given the opportunity to watch their children movies that were not available at home, or that they have never heard of before,” said Jennifer McGlone, director of the Center for Independent Living at the University of Pennsylvania.

“If a parent is concerned about the quality of their childrens movies, and the quality is just not there, that’s a good thing.”

The National Association of Elementary School Principals said it has worked with states to ensure that parents can watch their kids movies on their own time, but it added that parents should know what’s coming down the pike before they buy the latest blockbuster.

“When you’re watching a movie, it’s like you’re in a room with your children,” said Julie Storch, executive director of elementary school public relations.

“You can’t do everything and expect everyone to get the right answers, but you can give them the information that they need to know.”

Parents should not be left behindThe National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has said it’s working with parents to help them understand the differences between their children and their peers, and to make sure that they are watching movies that will make sense to their children.

The National Parents Organization of the United States (NPOUSA), which works to make movies more accessible to families, has urged parents to ask for and watch movies with a different set of ideas and themes than what’s on TV.

“What is it that parents want in a movie?” said Nancy Miller, NPOUSA’s executive director.

“How is it different from other movies they have seen?

And, why did it take so long for this movie to get made?”

Miller also pointed out that the NPOSA has been working with schools to develop guidelines for movies that are intended to be viewed by families.

“The answer is you should always watch movies you like and watch them again,” she told the CBS News crew.

“Don’t be surprised if you’re not satisfied with the movies you watch.”

Parents are encouraged to keep in mind that they’re just watching a small fraction of the movies available to them.

“A lot of the stuff that we watch, it might not be the best movie,” said DeWinton, who has two kids who were born with congenital heart defects.

“It might not have the best story.

It might not take the most creative way to play the character.

And we don’t want to be disappointed by anything that we don,t know what the movie’s about.”

The ABC News investigation was funded by the National Council of Churches and the National Institute on Television and Film Education.

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