How to read the guidance centers guidance on a day-to-day basis

RTE The guidance centers has been updated for a new edition of the guidance.

It is now available on the website.

It has also been updated to contain the following: -The latest guidance for new entrants to the market for healthcare services has been published.

-The guidance on healthcare workers has been added.

-There are now a total of 26 guidance centers across the country.

-New entrants to healthcare are being guided through a variety of steps including: -Understanding the medical risks associated with their new role; -Getting to grips with the new workforce, including the cost of living and costs associated with family life; -The new role of the healthcare professional; -Creating a health portfolio; -Moving to the workplace; -Preparing to leave the company; -Recruiting for new roles; -Retaining existing staff; -Keeping track of new and existing customers; -How to deal with new technology; -What to do if you find out you have cancer; and -Prepare for your medical and family history screening.

-Updated for 2019 The guidance has been revised to clarify the roles of doctors and nurses and to clarify that the role of a doctor is defined as ‘medical assistant’.

The guidance now says that the medical assistant role is defined within the definition of the role as an attendant, and that they are responsible for ‘clinical planning, medical diagnosis, medical treatment and care, and related aspects of the patient’s health, including healthcare management, healthcare delivery and provision’.

The new guidance also says that: -They must be registered in Ireland with the Health Service Executive (HSE) within 6 months of being appointed.

This is to ensure that they have completed their training and are ready to start working with patients.

-They will need to pass a ‘professional licensing examination’ within the first 6 months, and be registered with the HSE within 1 year of their appointment.

-If they are not registered within the 6 months or 1 year, they will be allowed to remain on the role without a licence.

-As of March 2021, only a maximum of 2 medical assistants may be employed in the same healthcare service at any one time.

The new guidelines will apply to all new entrants in Ireland, including to the NHS, and they will only be applied retrospectively.

In addition, the guidance will apply only to new entrants who have completed the coursework required for their new roles.

The guidance will not apply to new employees of organisations that have been accredited to conduct a health assessment.

This means that the advice will not be made available to the public, or to any organisation that has undergone a training programme.

New entrants to Irish healthcare services will not have access to the guidance at the point of entry to the health service.

They will be referred to a health professional to ensure they are in compliance with the guidance and will be required to attend a meeting with the health professional for further information and to discuss the changes that are made.

The Guidance Center has been designed to help guide and support healthcare workers and their new colleagues.

There are two different types of guidance: the ‘general guidance’ and the ‘specific guidance’.

The general guidance covers all aspects of healthcare work including the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals.

The specific guidance is aimed at the new healthcare workers.

The general guidelines and the specific guidance are written for healthcare professionals in the public health sector and are not aimed at healthcare workers in private practice.

The public health workforce is the population that is most likely to be affected by the guidance on the NHS.

The main focus of the Guidances Center is to help new entrants with their healthcare work.

In particular, we are focussed on guidance related to: -Consequences of new entrants coming to the healthcare workforce, and of how to deal in case of adverse effects; -Training and other relevant skills for healthcare workers; -Initiatives that can assist new entrants; and  -New healthcare workers’ experience and expectations for working in the healthcare industry.

In the coming months, we will be updating this guidance in more detail.

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