FTC sues Facebook for failing to prevent child porn and deceptive marketing

FTC suing Facebook for not stopping child porn, deceptive marketing by the social media giant.

The Federal Trade Commission announced the charges in a filing Monday against Facebook in a lawsuit filed by the agency’s Consumer and Competition Bureau.

The complaint says Facebook failed to make the required disclosure that it is unable to monitor and remove child pornography.

It says that failure led to numerous instances of children and teens having their images and videos uploaded to Facebook.

Facebook is not the only tech company facing accusations of child porn on its platform.

The FTC filed a similar suit against Google in July 2016.

The lawsuit accuses Google of failing to take down thousands of photos of children.

Facebook, meanwhile, is under fire for its handling of allegations that it allowed users to post child pornography and promote other harmful content.

The FTC said it has also filed a lawsuit against Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, alleging that they have failed to comply with the FTC’s child pornography rules.

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