Google announces new Google Assistant-powered smart speaker

Google has unveiled a new smart speaker for the company, the Google Assistant.

The device is powered by the new Google hardware platform, which allows it to connect to the internet, play audio and control other functions.

The Google Assistant can also read and reply to text messages and email, but this is not its primary function.

It can be used to ask Google to do things like play music, check on weather or take photos.

Google also said the new speaker can control other smart devices such as Google Home and Google Glass.

The speaker will be available for pre-order at a price of $199.99 (around £186.49).

Google says the new hardware platform enables it to deliver the most efficient voice assistants.

The new speaker also supports speech recognition and intelligent voice search, and is designed to be flexible.

It also includes a microphone and a speaker that can be powered by Google Home.

The company is also introducing a new speaker for its Pixel phone, which will be able to play audio, play videos and read texts.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are Google’s two biggest smartphone brands, with the Google Home product being the company’s flagship device.

The brand is expected to launch a new Google Home device in the near future.

The speakers will be part of Google’s $10 (£6.20) Pixel line of smart speakers, which the company says will cost around $80 (£53).

The speakers are expected to go on sale in late March.

The technology The new Google smart speakers will work on the same software platform that powers the Google assistant.

The assistant can also use the Google hardware, and use it to ask for things like help with the internet or play audio.

It will also have a camera built into it.

Google says its new assistant has already been tested with millions of users.

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